Hello, I'm Alice

I'm a Product Designer based in San Francisco, California.

A portfolio update is in progress. Please get in touch to see more.
Interior design made for everyday people using 3D technology


The company takes a new direction with their business model. I designed a 3D application for iOS for users to take photos directly on their iPads and begin designing.
I worked on onboarding, ecommerce feature, room and furniture categories, and prototyping.
Artificial Intelligence SaaS for local Indian businesses

Constems-AI Systems

The company website is up for a reboot. I researched and helped redesign the website which included creating a new site architecture, brand identity, and organizing standard design systems for future designers of CAI.

Facial recognition mobile app on Android and iOS


One of the servicesprovided by Constems AI was facial recognition AI. Using the existing wireframes and designed created by front-end engineers, I collaborated with the design team and PMs to ideate and build a more productive and delightful user experience for clients.

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