Modsy is an interior design company which connects everyday people with professional interior designs. The company found a great opportunity to created a customized platform which will allow their interior designers to collaborate with Modsy's clients, as well as continuing the rise in their furniture sales. We built an internal 3D application for iOS for Modsy's interior designers.
Product Designer
Tablet App Wireframes
Mid-fidelity Designs
High-fidelity Designs
6 months


Designing 3D Interior Design App for Modsy's interior designers to work with clients

Modsy's interior designers had home visit requested by customers. When they arrived there, they found that it increased Modsy's customer satisfaction as well as increased furniture sales with Modsy's partner furniture companies.

Our challenge was to improve how our interior designers work and how they can be more effective with our clients by allow them to use a more portable device that would allow them to do everything whiles saving time to engage with our customers.

We wanted to create a product specifically for Modsy interior designers to increase productivity by helping more clients, as well as reduce pain points such as the lack of WIFI that occurs during our interior designer and customer home visits.

My role

I led the design of the onboarding and the 3D app design while working closely with 3D modelers from Feburary 2016 to December 2016 and collaborated with a lead designer for discovery and design iterations. I worked closely with one product manager and one project manager to organize our efforts.


Conducted a co-design session to understand needs and ideas for exploration

I worked closely with the interior designers as well as the product team to brainstorm flows and ideas for features and solutions our users (the interior designers) wanted to see.

Competitive Analysis of end-to-end experience of trusted brands


Creating the final designs

The goal was to create a design that would simplify the onboarding process that way users can immediately start working on their design projects as soon as they open the app on their iPads
Modsy's original font and color palette was implemented to maintain a consistent design.
It was important for Modsy to be recognizable on the iPad as for our existing users. The icon for Apple Store workgroup portal for Modsy was designed based on the company's brand identity

Following Modsy's design system

App icon brand designs

The interaction needed to be intuitive and easy for our interior designers to save customer rooms, add furniture to invoice, and render them into 3D.


Positive feedback from our interior designers

We first launched the app for our designers working in California for the first couple of weeks, second to New York, and finally, nationwide. We received many positive reviews directly from our interior designers using our app.

1. Positive feedback and reviews from 91% of our user based (contract and full-time interior designers)
2. Demoed the app which successfully signed on more furniture retailers.
3. Saved the company over $300K per year from using third party companies on softwares per designer
4. Earned more clients now that interior designers could work for efficiently and serve more clients than using their traditional methods


What I learned

" brand customers are still learning to trust..."

At the time of launch, our team were determined to launch it as it was and I had difficulty accepting because I knew there were some hidden issues.  I knew that the quality of the product should never be compromised, especially with our first impression for our customers. However, Modsy is still a new brand customers are still learning to trust, I knew it was important for us to release it and allow our interior designers to provide live feedback to help us import the app as well as possible. In the end, I believe we released a very robust and quality product that would give direct and indirect users a magical experience.

"...the only way that we would understand how our users really felt was for them to physically use our product."

Now, I’m happy with the launch because I realized that despite the flaws, the only way that we would understand how  really felt was for them to physically use our product. It allowed us to continuously iterate and improve our the app for our users.

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